DIY Dent Removal For Your Car

Car dents can be a bummer. You may be by now asking, “How can I remove dents on my car”? It is important that you use the right method to fix your car dent. Going it the wrong way can have the paint chip if this was never your intention. There are however times this may be out of the question. You may need more than a simple restoration if the dent is severe. Fixing dents on a bumper are the easiest and can be done as a DIY.

Plastic bumpers can be easily softened using boiling water. The bumper will simply shift back into position as you carefully pour the water over the plastic. Keep doing this until the whole bumper is back into its original shape. This method works great because the paint job remains intact.

There are other methods that you can use especially if the dent is not on a plastic area. There are special tools sold at the automotive store that you can use to restore your car. A pops-a-dent kit is a delicate way of doing it but can be mastered. The tool simply uses pressure on the dent supported by the okay areas to pull back the dent into position.

Dowels laced with hot glue with nails driven through them are a great idea. The dowels are placed randomly on the dented area and pulled after the glue dries to pull the dent back into position. These are then removed by slightly heating the glue. The method is cheap and easy to execute.

Using varying temperatures to pop out the dent also works great. You can use a hairdryer to heat the dented area as much as you can. Take a can of compressed cold air and spray the same place. The formerly expanded dent will contract suddenly causing it to pop out.

Vacuumed pots can be used to pull the dent into position if you find a vacuuming machine with the right pressure. This will however need customizing depending on the size of the dent. All these methods will keep your paint job intact.